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WORKSHOP: Type & Craft [clear filter]
Thursday, April 20


Designing type for news
Commercial Type make typefaces for everyone; from numbers on the back of sports uniforms, to micro letters on watch faces, but making typefaces for newspapers holds a special place in their hearts. Since designing the famed Guardian typefaces, they have continued to make new and exciting forms for print and now screen across the world. Partner Paul Barnes will talk about a few of these projects, the collaboration Commercial Type form with designers and editors, and what makes a successful face for newspaper and editorial design.

Thursday April 20, 2017 9:00am - 9:45am
Mecklenburg 1 Sheraton Charlotte, 555 South McDowell St, S Tower, Charlotte, NC 28204


Type of the Future

Dave Crossland, Roger Black, and David Jonathan Ross (DJR) have just one word for you: Variations.

Or, as it's more formally known, the OpenType 1.8 Font Variations format. It’s the first big change in digital fonts in twenty years, and has big potential for news designers.

Variations fonts can combine multiple styles into a single font file. For example:

Compressed and Wide—and everything in between. Designers can select weights anywhere between light and bold, shaking off the fixed incremental constraints inherent in traditional fonts. If you need your type to be a little bolder for smaller sizes, you can simply adjust it in the style sheet without adding another font to the library. This can save space on a network, reduce load times, and provide more flexibility.

Roger will explain what this whole variations thing is all about and explore how the typographical lessons of the past few centuries have led to this new format. “Coordinating styles and sizes of fonts in a publication is much of our work,” Roger says, “and now we’re working on many platforms for the same news brand.” The OpenType Font Variations format is a solution that will make it all work together.

Dave, who has been fascinated with the power of type interpolations since he began studying typography in the early 00s, has commissioned two groundbreaking Variations Fonts for Google Fonts from David Berlow and the Type Network team.* These powerful fonts exploit more “axes” than just weight and width. Decovar changes the tips of the stems and adjusts the height of the crossbars within letters. Amstelvar has primary axes that enable 'programmatic' typography. With Variations, responsive web design now includes responsive typography.

DJR gets real. He will demo a variety of pages and explain how they can take advantage of the tech. There will be multi-size news pages, text that responds to different conditions, and, for branding, logos that can be varied according to use. And if this all sounds too serious, he’ll show what Variations can do for his amazing display font, Fit.**

The future of typography is every day!


* Variations fonts by David Berlow and the Type Network team:

Amstelvar https://fontbureau.typenetwork.com/brochure/opentype-variable-fonts-moving-right-along

Decovar https://www.typenetwork.com/brochure/decovar-a-decorative-variable-font-by-david-berlow

**DJR’s Fit, which has a Variations version in Beta.

Fit https://djr.com/fit/

avatar for Roger Black

Roger Black

Director, Type Network
Since LA in 1972, Black has been chief art director or design consultant for publications all over the world. Among them: Rolling Stone, New York, The New York Times, Newsweek, Esquire, Reader’s Digest, The Los Angeles Times, MSNBC.com, Bloomberg.com, The Washington Post, Semana (Colombia), Panorama (Italy), The Straits Times (Singapore), Kompas (Indonesia), The Nation (Bangkok) Tages Anzeiger (Switzerland), Placar (Brazil), Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden), and Scientific American.Black has been involved in many startups. This year... Read More →
avatar for Dave Crossland

Dave Crossland

Google, Type Designer
Dave Crossland is an English type designer, best known for his role as a Program Manager in the Google Fonts team where he commissions hundreds of typefaces from designers around the world for over a dozen writing systems. As a student Dave dreamed of a free culture of visual communication... Read More →
avatar for David Jonathan Ross

David Jonathan Ross

Type Network
DJR draws letters of all shapes and sizes for custom and retail typeface designs. A native of Los Angeles, he began drawing typefaces at Hampshire College and joined the Font Bureau in 2007, where he honed his bézier-wrangling skills. DJR now publishes visually imaginative and technically... Read More →

Thursday April 20, 2017 1:00pm - 2:45pm
Carolina A+C Sheraton Charlotte, 555 South McDowell St, S Tower, Charlotte, NC 28204


PANEL: Lessons from the legends
Lessons from the legends: SND’s 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award recipients have spent decades teaching visual communication to thousands of students, with alumni working across disciplines in newsrooms and creative offices around the world. Darcy Greene, Cheryl Pell and Randy Stano share the lessons they have taught — and learned — about what principles persist, what evolves and what may yet appear on the horizon.

avatar for Randy Yeip

Randy Yeip

deputy graphics director, The Wall Street Journal
Randy Yeip is deputy graphics director at The Wall Street Journal. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in journalism from Michigan State University and has served as a judge for various state and national scholastic journalism competitions. Prior to joining WSJ in 2005... Read More →

avatar for Darcy Greene

Darcy Greene

Professor, Michigan State University
Greene and fellow Lifetime Achievement Award winner Cheryl Pell have been teaching together at Michigan State University for nearly 30 years and are known as a duo among their students and colleagues. The two advised the Michigan State student SND chapter from its founding. The two... Read More →
avatar for Cheryl Pell

Cheryl Pell

Professor, Michigan State University; 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award winner
Greene and fellow Lifetime Achievement Award winner Cheryl Pell have been teaching together at Michigan State University for nearly 30 years and are known as a duo among their students and colleagues. The two advised the Michigan State student SND chapter from its founding. The two... Read More →
avatar for Randy Stano

Randy Stano

Professor, University of Miami
Stano is a 2017 SND Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and has taught at the University of Miami since 1995. Stano’s students have gone on to work at publications such as The Boston Globe, The Washington Post and San Francisco Chronicle. His students, past and present, describe... Read More →

Thursday April 20, 2017 5:00pm - 5:45pm
Mecklenburg 1 Sheraton Charlotte, 555 South McDowell St, S Tower, Charlotte, NC 28204
Friday, April 21


PANEL: Best of the best-designed: How'd they do that?
We'll hear from three different designers/project leads who will share the backstory and general context of their recent wins/finalist ranking in the SND print, digital and World's Best competitions.

avatar for Steve Dorsey

Steve Dorsey

Vice President / news performance & partnerships, GateHouse Media Center for News & Design
VP of News Performance and Partnerships for @GateHouse_Media’s @CNDaustin. Dad to Fiona; partner to @paprgrl76. Relocated Detroiter. Suffering Tigers fan. Designer. Editor. Convener. SU grad. @inmaorg board member. @SND: exec cmte, Lifetime Achievement honoree, past president, competition... Read More →

avatar for Tim Parks

Tim Parks

Creative director, Omaha World-Herald
Tim Parks is the creative director for the Omaha World-Herald. His work has been recognized by several design organizations, and he has won multiple SND medals and awards. He was the SND38 print competition coordinator.
avatar for Ivar Vong

Ivar Vong

CTO, The Outline
Ivar created the backbone of the Marshall Project, and is bringing a revolutionary way of looking at technology to the process of building a new media business.The Outline was among seven finalists short-listed for honors in this year's SND Best of Digital Design competition.... Read More →
avatar for Deborah Withey

Deborah Withey

creative + therapeutic arts practitioner, cheese + pickles design studio
Deb is a designer, illustrator, printmaker and educator inspired daily by what she sees and experiences. Deb is widely admired for the incredible storytelling sophistication she has brought to publications large and small, including several World’s Best-Designed Newspapers. She is... Read More →

Friday April 21, 2017 9:00am - 9:45am
Carolina A+C Sheraton Charlotte, 555 South McDowell St, S Tower, Charlotte, NC 28204


Punchcutting for pixels

Tobias Frere-Jones will look at the mechanics of reading, and how he repurposed a centuries-old solution to improve on-screen legibility.

Whether it’s a few words in an interface or a thousand words in a blog post, we read words on screens over and over each day. But even with advances in resolution, screens can still hinder us in recognizing and interpreting letters. Frere-Jones has spent decades studying type history and working with today’s rasterizing technology. He found a strategy — commonplace for hundreds of years — that could be applied to this new challenge, and help our eyes and brains in a pixel environment.

He will present a case study of a recent type design project applying these renewed strategies to improve legibility.

avatar for Tobias Frere-Jones

Tobias Frere-Jones

Founder, Frere-Jones
Over 25 years, Tobias Frere-Jones has established himself as one of the world’s leading typeface designers, creating some of the most widely used typefaces, including Interstate, Poynter Oldstyle, Whitney, Gotham, Surveyor, Tungsten and Retina.Tobias received a BFA in Graphic Design... Read More →

Friday April 21, 2017 10:00am - 10:45am
Mecklenburg 3 Sheraton Charlotte, 555 South McDowell St, S Tower, Charlotte, NC 28204


Owning your big local story: U.S. Elections at ground zero

How can you tell your biggest story from every possible angle? How can you be ready for the unexpected? And, what if your biggest story never ends… but just keeps going and going and evolving?

For The Post and so many organizations, our biggest story the last 18 months has been the Election, then the Transition, and now on to the 45th Presidency. We’ll walk you through a range of work from our more than 100 projects, 400+ pages and countless other pieces we built across platforms. We’ll highlight what led to some of our best Election coverage in the newspaper's history, while not shying away from the things we wish we had done differently. Most importantly, we’ll make sure you walk away with a blueprint on how your newsroom might be better prepared for your next big story.

avatar for Greg Manifold

Greg Manifold

Design Director, The Washington Post
Leads a team responsible for the presentation of The Washington Post’s most ambitious stories across the print newspaper, digital and social platforms. The team prides itself on seeking out bold visual presentation while collaborating with reporters, editors, photographers and graphic... Read More →
avatar for Kevin Uhrmacher

Kevin Uhrmacher

Graphics editor, The Washington Post
Uhrmacher is a graphics editor at The Post, where he collaborates with reporters, designers and others on the graphics team to tell visual stories, mostly about American politics. His work added context to the presidential campaign and transition using a combination of explanatory... Read More →

Friday April 21, 2017 11:00am - 11:45am
Mecklenburg 1 Sheraton Charlotte, 555 South McDowell St, S Tower, Charlotte, NC 28204


PANEL: Exploring the impact of the industry's economy on design
An exploration of the impacts on visual storytelling and design triggered by the economic pressures of the news industry, with reports from around the globe. Moderated by David Kordalski.

avatar for David Kordalski

David Kordalski

Creative Director, Crain's Cleveland Business
Visual journalist for more than thirty (!) years; spare time is filled as an indoor softball warrior, sometime sailor, avid woodworker and bonsai enthusiast. SND President in 2014.Formerly the AME/Visuals of The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, the AME of Design & Graphics for The Detroit... Read More →

avatar for Nuri Ducassi

Nuri Ducassi

Creative Director, Toronto Star
Nuri Ducassi is a cuban-born art director, designer and illustrator. She has worked as art director, designer and illustrator at El Nuevo Herald, The San Jose Mercury News, The Miami Herald, The Montreal Gazette and The Toronto Star. After three years as AME design at the Star, she... Read More →
avatar for Adonis Durado

Adonis Durado

Chief Creative Officer, Muscat Media Group
Adonis Durado is the Chief Creative Officer of Muscat Media Group, publisher of two major dailies, Times of Oman and Al Shabiba. He also operates as an adjunct design consultant with several clients in Africa, Asia, and Europe. His personal work received honors from the Society for... Read More →
avatar for Javier Errea

Javier Errea

Principal, Errea Comunicación
Javier Errea is a journalist. Degree in Information Science from the University of Navarra and graduate studies at the University of South Florida and The Poynter Institute for Media Studies, has been editor in Diario de Navarra, editor in Daily News and Herald deputy in Aragon. He... Read More →
avatar for Saulo  Santana

Saulo Santana

Art Director, Axel Springer SE
Santana’s work comprises of the design and redesign of publications across the world. He is currently Art Director at Bild am Sonntag in Germany and consultant for different publications of Axel Springer. He was formerly Art Director at Correio Braziliense and at the sport daily... Read More →

Friday April 21, 2017 11:00am - 11:45am
Mecklenburg 3 Sheraton Charlotte, 555 South McDowell St, S Tower, Charlotte, NC 28204


PANEL: Design hubs — efficiency *and* creativity? sponsored by RJI

Centralized printing operations were the first wave of productivity enhancements for news operations. That led to better equipment (one good press can be better than a handful of older presses), improved quality control (easier to monitor and adjust one than a dozen), and usually results in better delivery from plants located near major roads. But what about design and layout… and copy editing? In this wide-ranging discussion, you’ll discover there’s no one-size-fits-all… and that these hubs often create other important content creation capabilities. Interested in exploring a design hub for your organization, or what it takes to work in a design hub? Leaders from the leading design hubs/centers will share their insights in the double-session sponsored by the Reynolds Journalism Institute - Missouri School of Journalism. We'll examine the current state of the state of life in the nation's leading shared design centers, and include information from clients of these hubs, and lessons learned.

RJI is proud to continue a tradition of sponsoring content and speakers at the SND Workshop for several years. Some past notables include: Trina Chiasson, Dan Archer, Paul Bolls, Alex Remington 

avatar for Brian Steffens

Brian Steffens

Communications Director, Reynolds Journalism Institute
Brian Steffens is a veteran communicator with executive-level experience in newspapers, magazines, digital media, public relations and news association management. For more than four decades, he’s led change and innovation in photojournalism, color, typography, design, packaging... Read More →

avatar for Tom Clifford

Tom Clifford

Vice President, Center for News & Design, GateHouse
The Austin-based Center is the hub for centralized page design, copy editing, content development and digital publishing. At the moment, 67 daily newspapers and 160 weeklies are produced in Austin – including commercial clients such as the Dallas Morning News, The Oklahoman and... Read More →
avatar for Tracy Collins

Tracy Collins

Director, Phoenix Design Studio at Gannett, Gannett
Tracy Collins is director of Gannett’s Phoenix Design Studio. He formerly was senior director of operations (including design, graphics, editing and photo) at The Arizona Republic and azcentral.com. He joined The Republic in 2000 after a 10-year stay in Pittsburgh. At the Post-Gazette... Read More →
avatar for Michael Donnelly

Michael Donnelly

Editor, Lee Design Centers
Donnelly is the editor of the Lee Enterprises Design Centers in Madison, Wisc. and Munster, Ind., managing the daily operations, training and strategy for the two design hubs, which service 45 daily newspapers and nearly 300 specialty publications in 21 states. Having worked with... Read More →
avatar for Tim Frank

Tim Frank

Senior Director of Print Innovation, Advance Local
Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, Manager, EducatorPreviously with the Gannett studio in Asbury Park and the South Florida Sun Sentinel.Founded NewsPageDesigner in 2002.timothyfrank.comTwitter: @tmfrnk... Read More →
avatar for Robin Johnston

Robin Johnston

Director, McClatchy News Desk East, McClatchy
Johnston started designing features pages for The Chicago Tribune in the early nineties, a time she thinks of as the Rococo period of journalism, notable for the detail and playfulness that marked designs of the time. In the twenty years since, she has watched as changing habits in... Read More →

Friday April 21, 2017 2:45pm - 4:30pm
Carolina A+C Sheraton Charlotte, 555 South McDowell St, S Tower, Charlotte, NC 28204