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Dave Crossland

Type Designer
New York, NY

Dave Crossland is an English type designer, best known for his role as a Program Manager in the Google Fonts team where he commissions hundreds of typefaces from designers around the world for over a dozen writing systems. As a student Dave dreamed of a free culture of visual communication, so he decided to free fonts. He created the Cantarell typeface, a beautiful contemporary Humanist sans serif, as a post-graduate student of Typeface Design at the Department of Typography within the University of Reading (UK, 2007–2009.) Cantarell was chosen as the brand type for the GNOME 3 desktop, and his Masters dissertation related the history of the software freedom movement to the practice of type design. In addition to regularly teaching type design to beginners as part of the Crafting Type collective, in workshops offered around the world, he participates actively in the FontForge, Metapolator, and TruFont font editor projects. 

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Thursday, April 20