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Mike Swartz

Boston, MA
I'm one of those people who's interested in lots of things. I've had a TON of jobs and have picked up a lot of interesting experience along the way. I was interested in art and design early on, and have drawn all my life. I enjoy writing and communicating, and that led me to journalism and Syracuse University. I also love technology, and part of my misspent youth included making my own video games and fooling with my parents' computers. And from an early age I was starting my own "businesses," like stereo installation and snowboard/ski repair.

I love making/fixing things, and in my spare time I build stuff out of wood, metal, code, words or pixels. I live in Somerville, MA with my wife Elyse (founding editor of the SomervilleBeat.com), ride my bike, play my guitar and play as much golf as I can during our short New England summers.