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Charlotte, NC

We take our personality from our amazing city. We are ambitious and smart, driven and focused, and we evolve and become better every day. When the city celebrates, we celebrate. When the city weeps, we weep. We’ve been here through every up and down since the first issue of Charlotte magazine was published in 1968. For almost a half-century, we’ve been a monthly time capsule for a loyal readership of people who love Charlotte most. We use that expertise to provide context around the current moment. We recognize that every story — ours, yours, your neighbor’s — is a part of the larger story of Charlotte.

In a city that strives to be excellent, we set the standard for editorial excellence. Nowhere else will you find the mix of compelling narrative storytelling, sharp and energetic front-of-book pieces, and stunning photography. You’ve never seen our food scene look so good, our changing landscape look so sharp, or our stories told with such depth and purpose. We explore the richness of Charlotte’s neighborhoods, culture, and character, and we will always be the home for the best longform journalism in the city. We are current with Charlotte’s trends, but each month we deliver a magazine that will stand the test of time.

Charlotte is bold and innovative, and Charlotte magazine is, too. Which is why we’re now far more than a monthly magazine. We connect with new readers every day through our website, social media, newsletters, events, and more. We value face-to-face connections, and our staff is highly engaged in our community, attending events or gatherings almost daily.

We do not simply tell you things about Charlotte every month. We experience it. We taste it, smell it, breathe it, touch it, and share it with you. Come along with us. There’s so much to do.